5 Peppers


Why settle for 1 when you can have 5 flavours in a single, swift grind? Pepper, one of our most used spices, is brought to our tables in “gourmet” mode. Although it’s widespread, it’s got a fantastic aroma and, above all, flavour. With this 5-pepper grinder, you’ll have, in a single wrist movement, the 5 most representative, interesting and healthy peppers: white, black, green, pink and Jamaican. Each one contributes their exquisite quality and incredible taste…but without losing their health benefits. Separately, they’re fantastic, but together, they’ll create an explosion of flavour on your dinner plate. Use this grinder for your favourite recipes and you’ll instantly take them to the next level. For recipes that you don’t love too much, add this as an extra flavour and you’ll instantly fall back in love.