A basic meal is always a safe bet. Do not fail and risk but on solid bases. The Basic Flaked Salt pack provides you with three very different and unconventional salts for you to enjoy different tastes, flavors and aromas, salting at the point you want the most, but always with the highest quality because flaked salt is pure, untreated and chemical-free. Natural is always better to preserve its purest state and provide maximum benefits to your body. Try this pack and choose between white flaked salt, flaked salt with lemon, to add an acid touch, and black flaked salt for a distinct and special point.


Natural flake salt (sea salt flakes) 80g.
Black salt flakes (sea salt flakes, charcoal 4%) 80g.
Lemon Maldon salt (sea salt flakes, lemon flavoring, turmeric) 80g.